Knowledge Graph in Hume

Hume allows analysts to create brand new knowledge graphs or to manage existing Neo4j graphs. It provides the necessary capabilities to design and manage a full graph schema as well as multiple subgraphs and to control the access permissions, the indexes and constraints.

Benefits of Knowledge Graph

  • Fully leverage Neo4j.

  • Scalability - load and browse data quicker.

  • Exploration is more intuitive and fluent.

  • Perspective.

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Feature Building Blocks

Schema Based

Hume's schema governs your knowledge graph and drives your search and analysis, while retaining all the benefits and flexibility of Neo4j's schema-free data model.


Create multiple perspectives on the same data to cater for the exact needs of different groups of business users and to limit what people with restricted rights can access.

Virtual Relationships

All the detail may not be relevant for everybody. Create shortcuts, a.k.a. virtual relationships, from multi-hop and complex patterns to simplify your analysis.

Index Management

Hume's schema gives administrators a full control over database indexes and constraints, without the need to write a single query.

First-Class Neo4j Support

Hume is always up to date with latest Neo4j releases and transparently brings the benefit of all Neo4j features to the end users' fingertips.


Adding a layer of easy-to-configure role-based access control (RBAC) on top of Neo4j's own security model, Hume makes sure everyone has just the right level of access to knowledge graphs and the info contained within.

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