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GraphAware was founded in 2013 with the main purpose of helping organisations gain competitive edge through the application of graph technologies. Our own product GraphAware Hume is used in different industries all around the world to keep countries and communities safe, combat financial fraud, discover new medicines, advise important policymaking, and much more.

We are a multinational, multicultural team of experts who specialize in the fields of software, databases, graph theory, and machine learning. Our culture is that of a small company but our plans are global and ambitious. We love seeing our colleagues grow professionally and drive their careers in the direction they desire.

Our Principles

GraphAware’s vision is to become the most trusted partner on everyone’s graph journey in a world with graph technology in every organisation. We enable the adoption of graph technologies by sharing expertise, applying cutting-edge research, building well-engineered products and solutions, and maintaining strong relationships with leading vendors and user communities.

Sense of Ownership

We are proud of the work we do and we take responsibility.

Strive for Excellence

We always look at where we are & how we can get better.

Driven by
Customer Success

We want our customers to always come back.

Believe in the
Value of Graphs

Passion for graphs is what distinguishes us from the rest.

We Got Your Back

In times of need, we help each other out.

Knowledge Sharing

Our people-driven knowledge communities are a hit!

Meet the team!

I recently joined GraphAware and received a very warm welcome the first second I joined the team. The hiring process itself was a great journey where I learned a lot and it was not only about being evaluated. The onboarding process has been super smooth and I have already handled different aspects of my job and discovered the core activities of the company.”

Hamza Beini - Backend Developer
Joined 24 May 2021

Being at GraphAware means working with thoughtful, imaginative people on a variety of exciting concepts and technologies. There is an open, inquisitive culture of sharing and support. Navigating co-workers and clients through their graph journey and eventual enlightenment is something that excites me everyday!”

Aldrin Misquitta - Senior Consultant
Joined 1 August 2016

At GraphAware, I enjoy how we focus on the added value of the product rather than the processes around. I also appreciate how the managers care about my professional growth and ... I guess, I simply love the culture.”

Tony Smid - Senior Frontend Developer
Joined 1 October 2019

From the early moment I became a member of the GraphAware team, I knew that this was the right place I wanted to work. Diversity of opinions and cultures, experiences and creativity, team spirit, sense of humour and a shared goal are the aspects I have never seen so strongly yet naturally working together. Building innovative products might be a challenge from time to time, but working on that with my colleagues at GraphAware keeps me smiling.”

Tomas Kuba - Customer Success Manager
Joined 7 March 2022

The power of GraphAware is that everyone is brave enough to do things right while doing the right thing as well. If there's a decision to make about adopting the latest technology stack instead of keeping the old one, we will do what makes the best sense for us or our clients. Moreover, each engineer has something extra in his or her portfolio of skills, so you can get help for almost any specific tech topic. We also work closely with the top Neo4j and graph experts that the market can offer. We learn from the best!”

Sergio De Lorenzis - Senior Backend Developer
Joined 14 January 2019

Hamza Beini
Aldrin Misquitta
Tony Smid
Tomas Kuba
Sergio De Lorenzis

Experience (CX)

Never liked the acronym 'HR'? Cool, neither do we! We prefer PX - People Experience, or CX for our candidates. We believe that applying for any position with us should be fast, transparent, enjoyable, easygoing and a great learning experience. We make sure that no matter how things go, our candidates always receive meaningful feedback, which they can learn from, and understand the reasoning behind our decisions.

  • Step One

    After you send us your resume, our team will introduce you to the recruitment process and share an online questionnaire to better understand your preferences and motivations.

  • Step Two

    You will complete our specifically tailored job assessment, which will not only help you highlight your skills but also learn more about GraphAware.

  • Step Three

    You will meet our hiring team and discuss the opportunity with them in detail. Our recruitment team is always ready to have a meeting at any point during your journey to clarify, introduce, explain.

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